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"Carlson Dance Company are something apart - a company that relies on precision, wit and a sharp focus."
The Guardian

Wacky, wonderful, beautiful and moving Carlson Dance Company’s work is a unique mélange of mesmerising dance, quirky humour and cut-throat excellence.

The Company’s work can be appreciated on many different levels - as sheer enjoyable entertainment, as highly polished and accomplished performance and as serious ‘high art’.


Renowned for producing work that is fresh, focussed and high-powered, Carlson Dance Company is artist led and strives for innovation and excellence. The performers combine dance skills with genuine human emotion, resulting in performances that delight both dance fans and first time audiences alike - from ages 5 to 95!

Carlson Dance Company has been creating exciting and thought provoking entertainment since its formation in 1992 , by twin sisters Emma and Sally Carlson. The Company’s activities encompass both the creation of original professional dance theatre and the delivery of a substantial dance education scheme.

Based in South Wales the Company tours widely throughout Wales, the UK and worldwide creating dance theatre that is refreshing, stylish and seriously funny.

"Carlson Dance Company produce original, life-affirming work full of mesmerising dance rarely equalled in the Welsh dance scene.”
James Tyson, Theatre Programmer, Chapter Theatre, Cardiff

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